About us

GoWeb International Ltd is a fast-growing company that is
successfully conducting cryptographic computations since
2015. Since 2018 Goweb is involved in modelling neural
networks and machine learning on its equipment. The total
investment in the project today exceeds $15 million.

Goweb manufactures its equipment and is continuously
upgrading it and improving its performance. GoWeb
International Ltd has forged partnerships with leading
manufacturers such as ASK Technology Ltd., Shenzhen
MACASE Technology, Weikeng Industrial CO. LTD., the official
distributor of AMD.

Goweb is dedicated to supporting blockchain-based AI
companies through both best pricing and direct investments.


We would love to see more digitalization
for good, thus boosting such technologies
as AI, Blockchain, AR/VR are vital for society.

The GoWeb’s equipment has developed over the years of
existence, to perform machine learning and model training as
well as solve various tasks. GoWeb’s modular centres are
packed with these computing machines, which all have the
software installed, this will help us reduce the footprint on the
environment as there is no need for additional computers.



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