The G Token

The G token is a part of the developing GoWeb DeFi ecosystem. It gives an
opportunity to pay for services, computing power for AI as well as merchandise.

The G token aims to show that the digital economy is irrevocably becoming a part
of our life and the key element of emerging technologies adoption.



Circulating Supply

Max Supply

10 000 000 tokens

Total Supply

10 000 000 tokens

Vesting and inflation

No vesting or lock-up
for the G Token. The planned
increase of the circulation
supply by 10% every year.

Utility and payment token

Payment for services
Reward for community
Reward for staking in pools

and distribution

The G token is pre-minted. Therefore
the Max Supply is the same as Total Supply.


to node operators
and staking

allocation img


in circulation


in smart contracts

Token life cycle

Supply through UniSwap
with options

1. To join pooling with further rewards in the G token —
rewards can be reinvested in the pooling / staked / sold /
used for the services within the GoWeb ecosystem.

2. To use the payment token for GoWeb hardware equipment.
The token is taken by GoWeb and locked for 6 months.

3. To use as payment for the GoWeb.


Do you have
any questions?

That’s great, please contact
the Community Manager