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for blockchain-based AI

GoWeb provides the community access to computational power at the most
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Starminer 8V

Designed for machine learning

  • Power
  • GPU
  • Air cooling system
  • Motherboard model
  • Model of server-type power supply unit
  • Equipment
  • Hashrate
  • 2600 W
  • AMD Vega 64 16 Gb
    Number of graphics cards - 8.
  • Air Cooling (3 coolers), 3A/12V
  • Custom Core i5/i7/ Xeon, SSD up to 2 TB
  • Great Wall (3400 W)
  • FP 32~100 500 GFLOPS /
    FP 64~6000 GFLOPS
  • Depends on the chosen algorithm


A comfortable business
account interface

Lowest prices
on the market

8 neural networks
and the list is expanding


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billing system

of AI companies

The GoWeb computing
power solution is a must
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One of the biggest accelerated
computing power solutions presented
for the blockchain-based AI

Supported neural networks

The company is constantly expanding the list of neural
networks and frameworks support. If you would like us
to add one, please let us know.

  • ResNet50
  • NER + BERT
  • ResNet101
  • NER intent
  • VGG16
  • ResNet102
  • VGG19
  • BERT

Pricing strategy

AI has never been so affordable for the blockchain community
as it has become now with Digital payments using the G Token.

Pricing starts at 1 G token for 1 hour.

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